Thank You & Updates!!

To our loyal followers,

The team and I cannot thank you enough for your amazing support!

The future of health hardware is truly epic.

We're fast progressing to bringing ROAM out to the world. We’re working day and night to give you the best product because we think you deserve it and we believe the world needs it.

Yes, we have received ALL your emails and feature requests for the past two-years. Rest assure our goals are to bring the very best product out for you. We’re building this right way- the world of start-up is a very messy and fast-paced environment and we’ve learnt from past experience. 

Please share, share, share, spread the word and/or connect with us over our social media channel. We love to keep in touch!

Many thanks for your amazing support,

Team Roam

Stay tuned for more updates!

ShanShan Wang